How Do I Contact Edreams Customer Service

Support from the eDreams App

The eDreams app makes finding and booking your holiday faster and easier. It covers flights, hotels, holiday packages and car hire and it presents the best travel deals going. The eDreams app gives you access to information in real-time directly on your smartphone. On the app, you will be able to change or cancel your flight, check on the status of a request, resend the confirmation email, request an invoice, pick your seats and much much more!

You will also receive notifications about flight status as well as possible cancellations, and time/route changes. You can check-in for your flight and get your boarding passes as well as find out where to collect your checked baggage once the plane has landed.

how do i contact edreams customer service

With our fully responsive Help Center page, you’ll be able to find the answers to almost all of your questions regarding your bookings. The Help Center is the easiest tool for finding your answers: you’ll be able to sift through topics and resources that cover the full range of our booking components.

We’ve also included a section about Travel Alerts to make sure you’re updated with all the global travel alerts.

‘My Trips’ Area

how do i contact edreams customer service

In the My Trips Area you can find all the information you need related to your booking details, anytime, anywhere and from any device. Here you can schedule changes or cancellations, add baggage or seats, manage your Prime membership, add ground transportation or accomodation and much more.

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How do I get in touch with eDreams?

If you would like to bring a legal matter to our attention, please email us at [email protected]. Service of notices or legal claims will only be deemed valid if made via the channels and to the addresses provided in this Section 8.

Is it possible to get a refund from eDreams?

Once you have informed us of your need to cancel the flight, we will process the refund and send you an e-mail letting you know how much will be credited to the card you used to purchase the tickets. This credit will be automatic, however, every refund is different and depends on the type of ticket and the airline.

Is eDreams legit?

eDreams is a scam company

I refused to pay this and the rental company told me they would refund my money. eDreams customer service is simply a bot that closes the case no matter what you tell it and there is no actual people to talk to.

How do I contact eDreams from South Africa?

Send us an email ([email protected]) with the following information, and we’ll get in touch: 7Name and surname. 7Email address.

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