Is Airbnb Customer Service 24 Hours

Starting today, hosts and guests can access the Urgent Support Line anywhere in the world, and connect with specialised support agents who are standing by 24/7 to assist should an urgent issue arise.

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  • How Do People Feel About Their Calls to Airbnb Customer Support?

    Airbnb is a rapidly growing company and, as one might expect, has had some growing pains. This has led to media reports of consumer dissatisfaction with AirBnBs customer service team.

    One primary area of dissatisfaction is the companys response to travelers who find out after arriving at their destination that the accommodations they booked are unavailable, unsafe or unsanitary.

    A traveler may find him or herself stranded while AirBnB customer service representatives try to work with the host or to locate alternative lodging. This can take time, something that often unacceptable to a tired traveler who may not have a safe place to wait for a return call.

    It should be noted that there are other, more positive stories about the level of service provided by Airbnb, and many people feel that agents have gone above and beyond while addressing problems.


    How do I talk to someone on Airbnb?

    The best toll-free customer support phone number for US residents is 1-855-424-7262 (available 24 hours). Another number we recommend calling is 1-415-800-5959 (San Francisco). Below, you’ll find the list of all international Airbnb phone numbers: Australia +61 2 8520 3333.

    How long does it take for Airbnb to contact you?

    When you’ll hear from them. Hosts have 24 hours to accept or decline your request, but the vast majority reply within 12 hours. Chances are, it’ll be even quicker: More than half of all trip requests are accepted within one hour of the Host reading it.

    What happens if Airbnb host doesn’t confirm in 24 hours?

    If your reservation request is declined by the host or expires (hosts have 24 hours to respond), no charge is made for the reservation and you’re free to book another place to stay.

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