What Is The Phone Number For Sprint Customer Service

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How do People Feel About Sprint’s Phone Customer Service?

Sprint customers express a range of opinions about the companys phone-based customer service. Some praise Sprints customer service representatives for providing polite, friendly and effective support. Others are not so pleased with the help that they have received.

Notable Cases

In one case that was documented online, a man contacted Sprint about getting a reduction in his monthly bill. The customer service representative presented him with an option that offered a significant discount from what he was currently paying.

A few days after the man entered a new agreement, his wife visited a Sprint store for a device upgrade. She was told that she could get a better plan that offered even more savings than the husband had negotiated over the phone.

Unfortunately, store staff could not make the change. Calling Sprint didnt help, and the couple ended up being put back on their original, much more expensive plan.

Because the original request had been made over the phone, the couple was unable to easily prove what had happened. While the phone rep promised that a manager would call the couple to resolve the issue, this never happened, leaving these Sprint customers very frustrated.

Eventually, the situation was resolved, but it required email contact instead of handling the situation over the phone.


How do I talk to Sprint?

Customer Service
  1. Chat. Chat with Us. Don’t see the chat button? Click here.
  2. Chat. Chat with Us. Don’t see the chat button? Click here.
  3. Call. 888-211-4727.

How do you call Sprint to make a payment?

Pay by phone

Dial *3 from your Sprint phone and follow the prompts. You can complete a payment free of charge in the automated system. If you exit the system and talk to a live agent to complete the payment, you’ll be charged a $10.00 support fee.

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